The Bob & Kay’s Drying Process
(And Why It’s So Important!)

As an experienced car wash operator, we know that getting vehicles dry without hand wiping is critical to the quality of our “finished product.” Vehicles that leave a car wash with even small droplets of water will develop unsightly spots that detract from their appearance.

To avoid this, and give our customers cars that look as good hours or even days after the wash as they did when they left our tunnel, Bob & Kay’s has worked hard to perfect its drying system.

For example, we use a Paxton Supercharger drying system at our Gull Road and Stadium location. Designed exclusively for Bob & Kay’s by William W. Willmath of the University of Michigan, this system focuses an intense amount of warmed air on specific areas of your car to maximize the effectiveness of our dryers. We also devote as much as 50-feet of tunnel space to drying cars, just to make sure we leave no place for water to pool and hide.

Try Bob & Kay’s and see the drying difference for yourself.
We will get your vehicle dryer than any other system in our market.



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