Our friendly mascot tools around on a skateboard all day listening to music, but donít let his fun-loving demeanor fool you. Sammyís got a lot of horse sense for a seahorse -- or anyone else for that matter. Thatís why heís helped us come up with the Sammy Super Saver Plus Card.

This convenient prepaid card will help you stretch your family budget by saving you 16% or more on the best car wash in Kalamazoo.

You can get Sammy money-saving cards at our Gull Road & Stadium Drive sites.

Thereís no club member ship to pay for, no hidden fees or expiration dates on the cards, and you donít have to sign a deal to have us bill your credit card every month either.

Check out Sammyís great deals and order his Super Saver Plus Card, the next time youíre at our Gull Road/Stadium Drive location on the west side.


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